I’m not waiting to arrive and neither should you.

I appreciate you. Let me just say that up front, I appreciate you when you say things like, “You’re gonna make it” or “This project is going to be the one.” Believe me, I appreciate that thought very much. However I feel the need to tell you something. I am not trying to achieve something “out there.” I’m not trying to “become” something. I already am. And you know what, so are you.

I grew up in New Jersey with a learning disability and the belief that I’d never really get anywhere in life. I have two older brothers. Both very talented at many different things. Being a couple years behind them, it always felt impossible to be in the same league as them growing up. That belief ended up helping me push through and accomplish quite a bit later in life.

First screening of, Read Me, at the Enzian

After getting thrown out of high school at 15, I eventually went on to get my diploma. After feeling pretty dumb all throughout school, I went on to get all A’s in college in Graphic Design and Film Production. After growing up believing I needed to get someone else’s permission to make a feature film, I eventually just did it myself. I now made two feature films that have both premiered at wonderful festivals in New York City and won awards at both.

Then there is the fact that I struggle with Dyslexia and often hate looking at words and text, however I now manage a video production studio for one of the best online technology schools on the Internet. Part of that job sometimes requires me to stare at code all day, and you know what, I love it.

Don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty I would like to accomplish in my life, however all the big stuff is done. I’ve become a man that makes my mother proud. I’m a husband that my wife still loves to be around, and my kids think enough of me that they still want me to sit down and watch every damn thing they do. That alone is a full time job.

treehouse 9.59.57 AM
On set at Treehouse with the kiddos

It’s nice when someone says they believe in you. I appreciate that more than I think they know. However, when someone tells me they think I’ll be the next Spielberg, or they can see me winning an Academy Award one day, all I can really say is thank you. But the truth is, there is already a Steven Spielberg, and trust me, the Academy has better things to do than to reward my little films.

I’m doing my best to enjoy the journey and not just sit around thinking about what I want to accomplish next. Oh sure, I’ll accomplish more in life, I have no doubt. I’ll do more projects, make more money, go new places. However I’m trying not to think about that stuff as “success.” I guess everyone has to define success for themselves. Albert Einsten once said, “a ship is always safe at shore but that is not what it’s built for.” If you spend too much time dreaming about what life might look like when you finally arrive, you might just sleep through the journey. So get up, have some coffee and enjoy. You’re here.
Dyslexia _einstein

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