Living Room Screenings moves to Blue Bamboo

The original Central Florida group, Living Room Theater (LRT), which also holds independent film screenings, will now hold those screenings at the Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts.
LRT is a unique theatre experience in which performers, Banks Helfrich, Tisse Mallon, and Jack Graham, are invited into people’s private living rooms and perform an immersive theatre experience just inches from their audience. The experience is so intimate that after the performance, during the Q&A, audience members feel so at ease that no question feel off limits.

The format worked so well for Helfrich, Mallon and Graham, that they decided to incorporate indie film screenings as well.

After a year of screening feature and short indie films in living rooms around Central Florida, the group is now taking its film screenings to Winter Park’s, Blue Bamboo, with its first event today, January 7, 2017 at 4pm.

Blue Bamboo Center For The Arts
1905 Kentucky Ave, Winter Park, Florida 32789

For more information go to:

One thought on “Living Room Screenings moves to Blue Bamboo

  1. I wondered how the format would work in a bigger venue but after today I have to say it worked very well. Though not as cozy, I liked the filmmakers doing the Skype calls.

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