Make a Micro Budget FEATURE Film Look Like a Million Bucks
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This Master course, live on is set at a fast pace and is designed to give students a full overview of micro budget independent filmmaking from the ground up with the idea that you can create a quality feature film with little money.

Students will learn what to expect and what NOT to expect. The goal of this course is that students will walk away with a firm understanding and the confidence to get their first independent feature film off the ground.

Directing Actors – Achieving Natural Performances for Independent FilmDirecting-Actors-still-2

20 year independent film veteran, Fred Zara, teaches this course which is designed to help independent film directors gain a better understanding of how best to communicate and work with actors. Working with actors can be somewhat of a mystery for some filmmakers and it can also be intimidating to work with an experienced actor if you yourself do not have a lot of experience as a director.

If you are looking for more natural performances for your independent films to help you become a more effective storyteller, this course is for you. Some independent filmmakers simply do not have the necessary tools to help actors craft their characters and to best highlight the actor’s strengths.