NYC review: The Suicide of James Rider

New York City Independent Film Festival review: The film is unique in a way that slowly draws its audience into a very ordinary, yet original storytelling. It is a story about James’ closest friends and how they deal with their grief. From the point of view of Bobby’s (Zach Lane) younger brother, Richie (Andrew … More NYC review: The Suicide of James Rider


In April of 2009 my second child was born, my son Zander. My wife and I pretty much knew that 2 kids would be plenty for us, so I figured right away that Zander was going to be the youngest sibling and the youngest person in the house. Being the youngest of 3 brothers, it … More Why?


If people long for connection to one other, why do they often push it away? When you grow up in a place where you can get into a fight just for looking at someone, you learn pretty early to disconnect from those around you. Growing up in New Jersey, I can’t even count how many … More Connection

Living Room Screenings moves to Blue Bamboo

The original Central Florida group, Living Room Theater (LRT), which also holds independent film screenings, will now hold those screenings at the Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts. LRT is a unique theatre experience in which performers, Banks Helfrich, Tisse Mallon, and Jack Graham, are invited into people’s private living rooms and perform an immersive theatre … More Living Room Screenings moves to Blue Bamboo