I’m gonna pitch some sequel ideas. Why not?

Now that I see that someone is actually talking about remaking 1985’s Weird Science, I figure there are officially no more rules about what we can and cannot remake or add an unneeded sequel to. Just think, somewhere out in the world of cinema there is a Basic Instinct 2, five Resident Evil films and a remake to the 1963 Peter Sellers classic The Pink Panther, which also has its very own unnecessary sequel.

For the past couple of months I’ve been working on a screenplay for a film that I am planning to produce in the next couple of years. As I write, it’s never far from my mind that original ideas are very hard to come by. I’m sure that a lot of what I’m scripting for my film has been done before, and some would argue better than the way I’m planning on doing it. But the thing is, I’m honestly trying, ladies and gentleman. I am making an honest attempt at writing something from my own personal point of view, and around every corner I’m aiming at not being too cliché.

Why am I trying so hard? I figure there has to be at least 10 potential sequels or remakes just waiting to be written. And as much as guys like me like to bitch about how ridiculously unnecessary these films are, people will go see them. Hell, you better believe I’m going to see the new Superman reboot Man of Steel come June 14th. So here’s the first idea I have.willy-2

I watched the 1971 version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory the other day. Not the Johnny Depp piece of poop. I’m talking about the good one. It made me think, the story really isn’t over yet. Once Charlie takes over the factory and Wonka retires to go live in the Keys, some of those other kids could return for some pay back. Think about it, wouldn’t you be pissed if you were left three inches tall like Mike TV, or a deflated blueberry like Violet Beauregarde? What better way to set up a sequel than Charlie defending the chocolate factory against a bunch of half deformed, spoiled rotten kids. You would pay to watch the Oompa Loompas fight alongside of Charlie Bucket with machine guns wouldn’t you?

Well, maybe it’s not such a good idea after all. Maybe none of these remakes and sequels are…so what? I should really be fine with Hollywood making whatever kind of film they want. And if they don’t really care about originality, if all they care about is how much money a film will make, then so be it. However, my view is this; films can be more than just entertainment, more than just the weekend box office number. As storytellers we should try for more. Let’s not forget “We are the music makers… and we are the dreamers of dreams.”

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