The Avengers – part II

OK, I have now seen The Avengers. And I have to say…….it is the exact movie I figured it would be. With one small exception, there were a couple more Tony Stark one liners then I thought there would be.

Now, was it entertaining? Well, yes it was. It’s always fun to see a butch of superheroes flying around, blowing stuff up. And I’ve always been a big Hulk fan, and it seems like they are really starting to figure out how to make that green son of a bitch look real.

But would I consider it a good movie? Like I would consider The Godfather a good movie? No. It’s the difference between falling in love, and having a one night stand with a dancer in Vegas. Now I’m sure the dancer will rock your world, and you’ll never forget it. But  does that even come close to the emotions you feel when you meet your soulmate?

Look, there is nothing wrong with movies like The Avengers. They are a lot of fun and entertaining, and they really push us to new levels in terms of what we can do with graphics. But it’s a rollercoaster, a fun ride, that’s all. I just don’t want to pretend that they are good movies, anymore then I want to pretend that McDonald’s is good food.

I feel like for every Avengers you see, you need to see 5 Another Earths. Because if you start to swallow too much of these kinds of movies, it can make you feel like a big green son of a bitch.

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