Oscar vs Football

I’m not really sure how they pulled this off. I’m talking about the good people behind the NFL and the now seemingly national holiday, Super Bowl Sunday. Somehow they’ve convinced everyone in the country, if not the world that you need to watch the Super Bowl, whether you like football or not. Coming from someone who doesn’t necessarily hate football, but certainly doesn’t follow it, I find this odd.

Ya see, I’m a movie guy. I don’t get to see every movie I would like to see, and of course since having kids, I don’t get to see many movies at all. But I still try to keep up on what’s going on out there in movie land. And this time of year when every other week there is an award ceremony, I try to stay informed of who’s winning what.

However I don’t expect someone that is not as much into movies or movie making as I am to care if the Academy is going to gloss over a great film like “Midnight in Paris” for the cleverly done silent pic “The Artist”. If it’s not your thing, then it’s not your thing. And that’s fine. I won’t insist that everyone watch the Oscars because I will be watching. Or even worse, watch them because you may or may not see a mildly amusing commercial.

Well in football land this logic doesn’t apply. When it comes time to catch the kick off of the biggest game played all year; whether or not you can even name one player on the field, you are expected to watch. And not only watch the game, but pretend to care. You are looked upon to pick a team, even if it’s only minutes before game time, and root for that team’s victory like you have been following them since the Lombardi era. This marketing is genius. I wish I could convince the world that they had to buy one of my movies, whether they wanted to or not. That it is somehow their duty to do so.

Like I said, it’s not like I completely hate the sport. I actually enjoy watching a little pig skin from time to time. But I’m not sure how or even when it became mandatory in American culture to sit through this one game. I thought baseball was America’s past time anyway.

So on February 26th, as the Hollywood stars walk the red carpet on Oscar night, I am going to have to insist that everyone out there watch. From Cheeseheads, to G-Men, to Niners.
I don’t care if you haven’t seen a single film all year, on this night it is your American obligation to choose between Clooney or Dujardin to bring home the statue.

Come people, if I can tell you who won the Super Bowl, at the very least everyone should know who was on the worst dressed list this year….right?

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